The 1 person Agency, that can offer any type of Graphic Design made professionally.


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Working Hours

Mon - Thur. 4pm - 9pm
Saturday  -  6pm- 11pm
Greenwich Mean Time

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If you are in need of a website or either any type of graphic for printing purposes then you are in the right place! 


Explore the services I offer you!

I work efficiently and offer a great bulk of services for different purposes. 

Social Banners

Social Banners about your business or event, so you can spread over on social Networks

Flyers Designs

Flyers Design ready to be printed. any type of Flyer, included are 3 free revisions

Any other Project not specificated here

Please contact me and quote.

Flyers 1 page

1 page flyer with 2 free revisions files provided are: outlined ai.pdf.


Business Cards

Business cards design ready to be printed.Included with 3 free revisions


Revisions, Corrections, alterations  top ups  on Graphic design ,and on websites can also be provided

Restaurant Menus

3 free revisions for A4 Pages. Files provided are Ai. Pdf. and Tif.


A  wp woocommerce website with your products to be ready to sell online. 

Info web design

Rich experience plus unlimited imagination is what i use to create a astonishing website.

Availability & Delivery

Deadline of the projects from the week of  21 of Oct - 30/10/2019

3 websites

2 business cards

6 page menu

1 Billboard

3 logos

Available from 30/10/2019 onwards

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